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Japheth Dillman


Japheth Dillman began making games over 20 years ago, taking collegiate courses in programming at the wee tender age of 10 in order to learn to program his own games. You can blame the Atari 2600 he received for his sixth birthday for sparking and igniting the fire; he was hooked. Starting out on his Tandy 500 and Apple III he was making adventure games (using ASCII art) and MUDs (text based multi-user dungeon) games.

The grown-up version of Japheth is equal parts Producer, Game Designer, and Evangelist. He is a veteran to the game space, having worked as an Executive Producer and Lead Designer at numerous studios such as Digital Chocolate, Flying Wisdom Studios, BigPoint, Chugulu, Aftershock Innovations, and many others. Japheth has also guided many successful gaming platforms such as Kidlandia, Casualing, Gamify, Wild Pockets, and Flying Wisdom Studios’ COIN to name a few. A product visionary, Japheth drives feature roadmaps and game design in fast paced startups.

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