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Himanshu Manwani

Xigma Games
When my parents bought me my first Nintendo at age of 6, whatever inherent addictive quality this early interactive electronic entertainment possessed quickly took hold of me,
 I grew up playing games and was always keen on how games worked, but never thought of actually making them, till my final year of engineering in Bhopal.

I moved to Bangalore to pursue PG in Game development, Soon after I joined R Z 2 games based in Goa as Game Programmer and worked for about three and half years on various games.

I quit my job in December 2014 to make games that I as consumer would love to play and founded Xigma Games.

After working for 3 months on Super Nano Jumpers, I submitted the game for very big Indie Pitch GameHack 2015 at Pocket Gamer Connect Bangalore. Super Nano Jumpers was selected in top 25 and eventually resulted in winning the Very Big Indie Pitch Gamehack 2015.

I still have a lot to learn and my passion for games has always helped me in my game dev venture. I plan on finishing the Super Nano Jumpers and release it soon on iOS and Android.